When human actions impact the environment and natural resources, it causes more danger to nature and endangered wildlife and plant species.

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Reducing energy use reduces energy costs and result in a financial cost saving to consumers.

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There are many wild places throughout the Adirondacks Preserves, Catskill Preserves and other areas in New York State that are facing numerous challenges. These challenges include the biodiversity of vegetation contained in the wildlife habitat impacted by human activity because of overcrowded outdoor recreation.

Here at Morgan Duke Conservation Society, we investigate wild places to discover what problems these wild places are facing. We help maintain these wild places until they are restored to their natural beauty. We also preserve and protect these
indispensable wild places to sustain natural resource diversity for the many generations to come to be able to visit this clean environmental setting. We protect and restore the habitat for the variety of plant and animal species to ensure the protection of healthy, viable and sustainable ecosystems in the wild places.

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